Save 25 percent or more on energy costs by replacing older T8 linear fluorescent lamps with LED lighting technology.

High efficiency HVAC, appliance and cooking equipment use 10 to 50 percent less energy than conventional models.

Save energy and money by installing specialty equipment.  Now is your opportunity to help offset project costs and move forward with your project to lower your electricity use.

We work with more than 250 program contractors throughout Ohio who can help you plan and implement energy-efficiency projects.

Administrator Contact Information

Administrator Contact Name Telephone Email Website
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio (AICUO) Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn Co., LPA250 West Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 Robert Burke 614-228-2196
Chris Miller
Council of Small Enterprises (COSE)1240 Huron Road East Cleveland, OH 44115
Nicole Stika 216-570-5042
County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation (CCAO)209 East State Street Columbus, OH 43215 Michele DiFrancesco 855-272-7421 x. 311
Industrial Energy Users-Ohio (IEU)21 E. State Street 17th Floor Columbus, OH 43221 Kevin Murray 614-719-2844
Ed Hess 614-719-5954
The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA)33 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43215 Ryan Augsburger 614-629-6817
John Laughman 614-629-6801