Save 25 percent or more on energy costs by replacing standard T8 fluorescent lamps with LED lighting technology.

ENERGY STAR® LED exit signs can save up to 80 percent in energy costs. They also last up to 25 years compared to just one year for an incandescent lamp.

Save energy and money with simple equipment upgrades.

Would you like to install new lighting fixtures or other equipment to improve energy efficiency AND get paid for doing it?

FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities (Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison) offer a wide range of incentive programs to its business customers – including reimbursements for improvements to your facility that increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity consumption.  Save money, reduce energy usage, and get paid for doing it!

This site provides information about commercial and industrial energy efficiency incentive programs from FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities.  Program participants are required to seek pre-approval before purchasing their equipment to ensure that it meets program requirements and is eligible for incentives.

For More Information

If you have specific questions about a project or FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities program, please contact us at 866-578-5220 or