Save 35 percent or more on energy costs by replacing older T12 linear fluorescent bulbs with T8s or T5s.

ENERGY STAR®-qualified cooking equipment uses 10 to 50 percent less energy than conventional models.

ENERGY STAR® LED exit signs can save up to 80 percent in energy costs. They also last up to 25 years compared to just one year for an incandescent bulb.

We work with more than 150 Program Allies throughout Ohio who can help you plan and implement energy-efficient projects. For Program Allies near you, search our directory.

Program Update

Program deadlines are approaching. Pre-Approvals must be completed by December 31, 2014.  Please click here for additional information.

Save energy and money with simple equipment upgrades.

Would you like to install new lighting fixtures or other equipment to improve energy efficiency AND get paid for doing it?

FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities offer a wide range of incentive programs that can reimburse you for improvements that you make to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your electricity consumption. Save money, reduce energy usage, and get paid for doing it!

This site provides information about commercial and industrial energy efficiency incentive programs from Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison (FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities). These programs are offered in accordance with Ohio Senate Bill 221 of 2008 and are designed to help meet the state’s goals to reduce both electricity usage and peak demand while encouraging commercial and industrial customers to save energy and money. The cost of these programs is recovered through customer rates in accordance with Senate Bill 221.

All programs require pre-approval before purchase and installation of materials. If your project is already in progress or has been completed, you may be eligible for benefits under the Mercantile Customer Program.

For More Information

If you have specific questions about a project or FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities program, please contact us at 866-578-5220 or